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We have been living in the COVID-19 pandemic era for 8 months now and have found many ways to adapt our practices in an environment that was new for all of us.  You may have noticed:

  • an increase in cleaning and disinfecting,
  • offers of virtual tours,
  • employees wearing masks in all buildings
  • and the service window that we added at the home office. 


We’ve also found new ways for our staff to stay connected.  Taking advantage of new technology to train staff in a socially distanced environment, making it a priority to keep employees and residents home and distanced from others when they’re not feeling well and paying attention to mental health, which is so important in these uncertain times!


So what’s in store for the winter?  As the normal cold and flu season start up, we continue to be unwavering in our cleaning practices and will continue to keep offices closed to the public.  In-person meetings are available by appointment and work-orders are still being received and responded to in a timely manner. 


We will continue to evaluate where we can help, and where we can improve. 


To increase our outreach to residents, we’re active on Facebook & Instagram, we’re here for any questions or concerns that you have and can be reached by email or phone when you need.  Hornig Companies’ staff members are here for you and we will get through this together!

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