Happy Mother’s Day!

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This past weekend was Mother’s Day. Hornig Companies recognizes the difficulties that many of our residents and employees have faced during the past year of COVID and quarantine but would like to dedicate this blog to the many challenges of being a mom during a time that has tested our competence, ingenuity, patience, and strength. For many, it’s just been downright hard.

We gathered a collection, on the humorous side, of some of the things moms (and many non-moms) have learned, succeeded at (and failed at) this year.


“Dr. Google” is never a good idea


This year, a cough, headache, sore throat, fever, or any other allergy/cold/flu symptom may have been an indication of something more serious. They often meant quarantining for 14 days, multiple COVID tests, missed school, missed work, lots of fear, anxiety, and a potentially severe and scary illness. A cough is never just a cough anymore. Mom’s job became just that much harder.


Did you say quarantine? Like, stay in my house for a full 14 days…With my kids? …Don’t see anyone? …No running to the grocery store? …No Target? …No Home Depot?


We learned how to shop online… For almost everything!

If we didn’t know how to cook, we learned quickly!


Props to Moms that pulled out their creativity to make special memories for their kids when the birthday standard of sleepovers and pizza parties became far from reality.


The invention of the Drive-By “Birthday Parade”