Indoor Plants and Patio Gardens for Apartment Living

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Plants and flowers provide so many benefits.  They can make your place look comfortable, warm and inviting.  They provide a pop of color just where you need it and offer an endless list of health benefits. 

For example, the aloe plant is useful after a day of forgotten sunscreen and the scent of the lavender plant has been associated with calming and assisting in restful sleep. Herb gardens can be grown indoors or on a patio to add flavor to your cooking and many garden vegetables like tomatoes and peppers can grow in a variety of different pots and planters on even the smallest of patios!

There are so many varieties to choose from!  Once you’ve decided on the plant that’s right for you, here are some tips to keep them at their healthiest as well as pictures from Hornig Companies’ residents that have made great indoor and patio gardens!                                                                                                                           

The Right Lighting

Follow the instruction tag that you get with the plant regarding light and sunlight.  Some plants thrive in less light or shade, where some may need 6 hours per day minimum of full, direct sunlight. West and south facing windows are best, but LED lights designed for plant growth or fluorescent lighting can be used to add to or replace sunlight.  Tip:  fluorescent lights are just as effective as the specialized growth lights and less expensive!