Maximize Your Space

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Have you found yourself squeezing things into cupboards and closets, or just wanting to make better use of your current space?  Here are some great ways we’ve discovered to help you maximize your space, getting more enjoyment out of your home.

  1. Look for multi-use items- these are some of the fun items we found!
    • All-in-one rice cooker, crock pot, air fryer and Instantpot- they exist!
    • Lamps with built-in storage
    • Ottomans and coffee tables with storage
    • Modern sofa beds, made much more comfortably than in years past!
    • Convertible furniture like coffee tables that house an arm chair & side table, table desk combos and much more







  1. Look up!  With the many high ceilings in Hornig Companies’ buildings, take advantage of your upper space with shelving. 
    • Look for sturdy pieces that cannot be pulled over by small children.
    • Shelving with closed doors can hide items that you want to tuck out of view