Tips for a Smooth Move

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   Be Organized- Start a Task List or Calendar

  • Write down everything that needs to be completed before the move and set timelines in which you’d like to have things done to avoid procrastinating.  Items that you use less frequently or only seasonally are easier to box up first, leaving the items you use more frequently until the last week or so. 
  • Thinking through your move also helps you think of those items that are easy to forget or you’re rushed to do at the end- like packing up all the goodies in your storage locker or saving time for cleaning, to make sure your damage deposit is returned in full.

         Plan in Advance

    • A month or more before your move, go through each room to decide what will be moving with you.  Remove items that should be thrown, donated or sold, so once it comes time for packing, you don’t pack and move items that won’t be used in your new home.
  • Spring, summer and fall weather can provide better moving conditions.  A lot of people think just like you so make sure you reserve a truck, contact a moving company, let friends and family members that will be helping know what date to reserve, etc.  Time seems to fly before a move. 

   Tips for Boxes

  • Get free boxes at local stores.
  • Bigger is not always better, bigger can also mean heavier!
  • Clear bins help you identify what’s inside.
  • The reusable shopping bags that we all seem to have too many of, can be a great way to pack and carry items.
  • Think of items you’ll be moving that can be used as packing boxes themselves.  Luggage needs to be moved, so you might as well pack something inside of it.  Moving non-valuable and non-breakable items in dresser drawers is another great way to move items and reduce the number of boxes.
  • Use extra bedding and blankets as packing material for breakables rather than buying or using packing material.  The fewer boxes, the better!


           Pack Smart

    • Pack similar to how you would at the grocery store, don’t pack all heavy items into one box.
    • Organize and pack by room, or with like items that are used together.
    • Label or color code all sides of each box with the room and contents contained inside.  Numbering your boxes and keeping a list of contents on a spreadsheet or separate location can help to be assured that every box has arrived at the correct location, if using a moving company.